Maison Boon, a location that I will never forg…

Maison Boon, a location that I will never forget. Not because it is such a beautiful location, but because of the smell … Laying in the freezer was rotting meat. It’s been there since the house is empty and that is certainly about 20 years. I quickly took a few photos and left again.

When we wanted to leave the grounds, a not so cheerful lady came out of the house next door. She shouted, “Have you forgotten something?”. What, according to our Belgian fellow urbexer, means get out. It turns out that we were lucky. On several blogs I’ve read that the neighbors are not so friendly. They have punctured tires, damaged cars and destroyed cameras in the past. Ah yes, all in all a nice location 😉

Location: Maison Boon
Photo: The Urbexperience
Visited: 27.05.2018

Instagram: the.urbexperience