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Hi! New exploration video today on Exban !! 😄😄

I’m watching some old exploration videos of mi…

I’m watching some old exploration videos of mine while i’m exporting the latest video. I really miss the days where i could go urbex exploring every month.

If you like these kind of videos and urban exploration videos in general, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. This year will be a new and fresh start for the channel with new videos every week.

I also have a seperate channel for The Urbexperience and would like to start over on that channel. What kind of videos do you like and would you like to see from me? It has to be urbex related. Maybe q&a’s or storytimes. Please let me know.

EXBAN (GoPro videos)
The Urbexperience (Everythings else urbex)



I’ve not been very active lately due a much needed social media break. Getting back into the urbex grind tomorrow tho. Starting 2019 with new pictures and youtube videos.

Be sure to follow me on instagram (the.urbexperience) and youtube (Exban).

Thank you for your patience and sticking around!

Knight’s Manor W.

Knight’s Manor W.: undefined


Holy crap guys! There’s 6k of you now! Thank you so much for following me on my adventures and your support by liking and sharing my work. I appreciate all of you! 😀

– Rowan aka The Urbexperience

Just a couple of hours until 2018! I just hit …

Just a couple of hours until 2018! I just hit 5000 followers and I want to thank you all for the support this past year. I look forward to next year with hopefully many more urbex adventures.

I wish you all a happy new year and be safe tonight!

– The Urbexperience || Rowan 👽

I’m all up to date on my website and social media.Follow me…

I’m all up to date on my website and social media.

Follow me on:

Wow 4000 followers! Thanks guys! ?

Wow 4000 followers! Thanks guys! ?

urbex videos?

Hey guys!

Sorry that i’m not that active lately, but i just haven’t been on a lot of urbex trips the last couple of months. Hopefully that will change soon. 

Lately i get asked a lot about how to find locations and that got me thinking about making urbex related videos besides the exploring videos i do on . I will talk about finding locations, getting into buildings, editing pictures, getting caught etc. I want to be more active with urban exploring other than posting pictures on this blog. It began with one visit to an abandoned building 3 years ago and it became my biggest hobby and passion. But is this something you guys will actually watch?

There are almost 4000 of you following me here and it would be great to hear your opinion and feedback. Just shoot me a message!

Thanks a lot!

I Am Alive.

Hello Urbexers and all.

I havent posted any new content in quite some time. Im not proud of this, but I have been trying to figure my life out. I have been focusing on starting my career. Working on my website and making connections. 

Please feel free to stop by my website:

I do still love urban exploring and will continue to do so, however its tricky when I am focusing so much time on my self. Hang in there, this is not over.

Stay Safe